Hey there, this is my about me, not sure where to start so here it goes...


I am from Alaska, born and raised.  I always liked the outdoors and making up silly characters as a kid with my brother and sister.  throughout my childhood I was often labeled as weird, which I 'spose was spot on. 

Acting began to interest me very much in 4th grade but I never pursued it.  Years later I attended college where I studied nursing and welding along with a few acting classes.  After a couple years I decided to move to New York to see if I could actually act and make something of it.

After many ups and downs, fun experiences and odd ones too, we come to today.  I am an artist in Brooklyn, NY.  I direct/act/write and love every minute of it.  This is the one true thing I found that even on the bad, cloudy days, there is still at least a ray of hope.  

Professionalism is key, but at the end of the day, creating and having a family of people to create with is the most important.  Keep moving forward!

© 2020 by Orrin Hunter