Orrin Hunter an actor/writer/director originally from Eagle River, Alaska and has made  Brooklyn, NY his home since 2014.   He recently starred in the upcoming feature film "Krazy Beautiful" as Psy, a psychic with interesting powers.
 He is the creator of "The Host" short film/series which was premiered in several festivals in 2019 and "Brooklyn Backyards"  web-series comedy. 
He began his acting career on "Scorned: Lover's Roulette" which was featured on ID.  After that he got the lead role as Gavin in "Love 1.0 Even Without You"  Directed by Mehmet Guney.  His work in the award winning short film  "Sadist's Knot" won him his first award as best actor.  He went on to play the role as Joker in "Arckam's Archives" Directed by Jose Andre Sibaja.

Currently Orrin is writing/directing and acting in "Brooklyn Backyards" which is a mockumentary comedy about welders in Brooklyn.  He is also continuing the story of "The Host"  a psychological thriller based on the darker side of virtual reality. 




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